Saturday, July 27, 2013

The Island

My favorite new song is live, want to listen?

Monday, May 20, 2013

Personal Life Experience Permeates Catalog of Soulful Independent Work (via SBWire)

Miss Kristin has been self-producing and developing her original music collections in theme oriented sets. Recently she has just completed another anthology; "A Woman In Love". The new music comes on the heels of "Winning", "Masterpiece", "The Elephant Groove" and "Whole In My Soul". San Francisco,…

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Because Of The Music

Everything in my life, in every choice, has revolved around my desire and need to create music. It has been a blessing, and in times of doubt, it has felt like a curse. It is a calling that captivates me.

As I look at a progressive picture of my life, I see that the craving to create and perform music began very young. Although, it was not cemented into my life path and purpose until I was in my latest twenties.

It was at that time I experienced a delivering sort of spiritual awakening. (I say delivering because I could see where I had been, and all that was before me (with all I was running from). I was able at last to look with honest open eyes at my past and present, to finally visualize a prosperous and better future.

I made a promise to myself, at this time, with God as my witness, that I would do whatever was required to follow a path of greatness "because of the music". This meant to me, to be sacrifice and single minded thinking.

Music amazingly continues to captivate me. It is because of the music, in passing, every step of the way; I live singly and committed to a life of LOVE in expression. Music for me is communing with GOD. My writing is my heart. The songs were composed as love songs between me and my creator and every experience I lived with and endured was added to the plethora of stories and situations I needed to write about and express.

I blame everything on the music. If you were to ask me why I do this, or I don't do that, I will gladly answer, "because of the music!" There has been a tremendous amount of mountain climbing to achieve my dreams and put my catalog into the universe for the world to enjoy and find pleasure and comfort in. It is a pilgrim's path that is all because of the music where at the root of the calling are the people.

Because of the music, I became a writer, and it was written. The music is nothing without the people who enjoy it. I do it all for YOU....It is the language of love and a gift given to share.

Thank you for listening and supporting my music. Love, Miss Kristin

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Miss Kristin Revolutionizing Music World with New Independent Music Production "Winning"

Miss Kristin Revolutionizing Music World with New Independent Music Production "Winning": Miss Kristin is the unconventional singer songwriter who is revolutionizing industry standards with her DIY methods of delivering her catalog to the masses. Miss Kristin has prepared her next release, "Winning” which features twelve new original tracks available January 15, 2013 worldwide.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

People Discover Healing Through Music in Light of Newtown Connecticut Sandy Hook Elementary School Shooting

People Discover Healing Through Music in Light of Newtown Connecticut Sandy Hook Elementary School Shooting: Music is a natural healer and new songs are being discovered in multiple genres referring to the horrific crime and devastating loss of life, that occurred recently in Newtown Connecticut Sandy Hook Elementary School.

Friday, October 12, 2012

I like this picture.....
Listen in to a recent question and answer with Kristin and Dr. Lelita Wright 

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Tom Landry Rockin Miss Kristin's World

Tom Landry Guitars; Styling Big New Music Release for Big Fuss Records in 2013

Tom Landry is the revolutionary guitar player who has an innate ability to tap music’s universal language using his instruments and tone. He has been a key player in Miss Kristin’s productions for quite some time and is participating in Miss Kristin’s next new music release for Big Fuss Records Inc., titled “Winning” which is set for an early 2013 release.

Winning in today’s new music industry depends upon the complete creation of great music. Tom Landry has been lending his skills and extraordinary gifts to the production of Miss Kristin’s personal catalog of music for over six years. “Winning” is Miss Kristin’s upcoming effort which is slated for release January 15, 2013.

Successful artists in today’s music recording and touring industry must have the ability to touch hearts and souls across religious and language barriers. They have to reach global masses with a universal appeal. Miss Kristin has been in production with a steady flow of influential original new music for the past ten years and continues the journey on “Winning”.

For Miss Kristin’s “Winning”, Tom Landry has provided a healthy portion of exclusive instrumentation. Kristin and Tom come out of the opening gate strong with the first single “Big Time”. Kristin's compositions are imaginative and unique and her voice is matured with a resonant richness that is nearly impossible to resist. Kristin's honesty, innocence and profound approach in writing of her discerning world, all have the ability to wildly entertain.

The pairing of Kristin and Tom is a production partnership that cannot be easily disregarded. The two talents featured together for the Big Fuss Records Inc., label is an appealing mixture. Tom Landry imparts his multi instrumental gifts for “Change”, “Dangerous Love”, “Copasetic Cat” and more, using electric guitars, bass guitars, and even accordion. Miss Kristin’s classic and contemporary songwriting, is painted with brilliant colors of Tom’s exceptional musical talent.

A multifaceted musician, at five years old Tom picked up an accordion, and at seven years old Tom began teaching himself guitar, as well as learning clarinet. He later switched to alto saxophone and at age sixteen Tom was asked to join the teaching staff at Milpitas Music where he taught guitar, eventually self authoring his own guitar method. His guitar tenure as teacher would last a twenty year span, where at one point he carried a sixty to seventy student roster every week.

Kristin has been producing and delivering music throughout the world on her own Big Fuss Records label and has implemented great talent from her circle of music peers; her goal is to make the world a better place through song and melody. The songs and productions have matured, and Tom Landry has proven he is a guitar player with his own unique position in the scheme of great artists of our time. “Winning” is Kristin’s thirteenth album release.

About Big Fuss Records:

Big Fuss Records is a complete production, marketing, promotion, and distribution Company where talented, new independent artists discover their niche in the new music industry.